Guide to choose the right
diamond for your partner

Vascas proudly offers the three top certifications world wide. Together with our specialists, we can guide you to find the right diamond for your partner, tailor made for your budget.

You will be able to choose the preferd ring mount, paired up with the right daimond custom built to fit perfectly.

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Our Certifications

The 4c’s

The Cut

The cut of a diamond can refer simply to its shape and it’s cutting style or it’s facet pattern. Example round, heart, ovel & princess cut. GIA’s cut scale, helps us choose the right quality varies from excelent to poor.

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The Clarity

Clarity is graded on a realtive scale from flawless to included, based on the types of clarity characteristics present and their overall visibility at 10x magnification.

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The Colour

Understanding what colour means helps in choosing the right diamond. The Diamond evaluation of most diamonds is based on the absence of colour. The purer the chemical structre the more a diamond has no hue. GIA’s D-Z diamond colour grading system helps you choose the right colour for your diamond.

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The Carat

Carat is measurment of weight, one carat equals 0.200 grams and one carat euqals to 100 points.

Carat signifies the size of the gem stone eg. 0.20ct being a small diamond and 1.00ct being a larger diamond.

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