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Nambé Home

Nambé’s commitment to timeless beauty, artistic integrity and uncompromising quality is evident in the brand’s collection of serveware, barware, home décor and gift items.  Nambé, a family-owned company, collaborates with the world’s most esteemed designers to develop products that bring function and style into the home.

From The British Museum in London to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Nambé pieces are exhibited in renowned galleries around the world.

Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal helps you realise your dream of having a beautiful home with stylish decor that clearly reflects your own identity. Each piece in the collection reflects quality, function and style combined with their vision of simplicity and humour in the world around us. Come and see this unique collection at Vascas in Naxxar.

Charingworth Cutlery

Charingworth by Studio William manufactures well balanced, well-proportioned, timeless cutlery designs. The designs encompass both English and European heritage, reflecting many traditional design features. 

Santol is a high-quality, heavier gauged cutlery pattern for everyday use, or for a special occasion. Made using premium quality 18-0 stainless steel, using a manufacturing process and attention to detail that goes far beyond the expected industry quality levels. The result is a beautiful mirror finish.

 24 Piece Set | Introductory Offer -  €121 discounted from €210

Richard Ginori

Vascas are proud to be Malta's exclusive distribute for luxury brand 'Richard Ginori', specializing in the artistic and delicate production of porcelain decor products. The Richard Ginori Brand has recently been taken over by the famous Italian fashion chain 'Gucci' and is renowned for its Italian excellence in its artistic production.

Items under the Richard Ginori Brand are available on order from any of our outlets.

Religious Icons

Vascas offer a vast selection of beautiful religious icons of all sizes. We stock two different brands, Estego and Valenti

The ESTEGO collections are produced with high quality materials and accurately finished, they stand out for their elegance and the unmistakable style of the “Made in Italy” products. They are produced with modern techniques and enriched with silver trimmings.

The Valenti collection is designed for those special moments of life. Made with a classic taste that lasts over time, items are embellished with special silver processing. 


Our Silverware collection includes desirable and beautiful home accessories from popular brand such as Carrs, Calegaro, Sovrani and more. Products within this collection include luxury accessories ranging from fine cutlery, wine decanters, centerpieces and frames, designed in adding the finishing touches and panache to any home.

Crystal Items

Quality crystal items are perfect for giving your home that extra touch of sophistication. The Vascas Crystal Collection features premium quality crystal accessories from leading suppliers in the crystal industry, CarrsSteklarna Rogaska and more. These handmade and mouth blown crystal items include several traditional crystal stemware, bar ware, vases, and more.

Yalos Murano

Yalos Murano is an established brand at the forefront of the Murano art glass production; a leader in the decoration, style, and avant-garde design for the modern home. The Yalos Murano brand offers an exiting range of Murano products designed with a contemporary twist, making them the ideal accessories for every modern home.